"Dogs are miracles with paws."

We INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT an active healthy lifestyle with your pup.


Pup Sport EVENTS

A lifestyle for active pups - Weekend warrior or serious athlete, Pup Sport host athletic events in the Houston, TX area to do with your pup. Our intention is to reach out and have a positive impact on our community. At all Pup Sport events, we will invite shelters, veterinarians, retailers, walkers, sitters anything pup related to set up and get their word out. Bring your pup out!  Lets connect, be active, healthy and live the life you and your pups are intended to live. 


Apparel for dogs living an active lifestyle - Our line of signature bandanas are designed and created to support pups living a healthy active lifestyle.


We have partnered with the non-profit Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization - Houston. It is the only no kill, LEED-certified shelter in Texas. They are doing amazing work and we look forward to the partnership and supporting them in their vision!

With every purchase, Pup Sport will help a dog in need