It all started with a pup named Finn


Like many rescue dogs, Finn was initially hesitant and unsure around humans and other dogs. 

As his new owner and forever home, I felt that Finn would prosper further if he were slowly introduced to other people that would also shower him with love and kindness, starting with my close friends and clients at work.

With Finn’s confidence growing combined with my love for running, I entered us in a 5k that we could participate in together. We began training together in the parks, forming a special comradery. I was able to meet my fitness goals, and I knew Finn loved the feeling of the wind in his fur. 

At the end of the day, we were sweaty, hot, and tired, but more inspired than ever. And most importantly – healthier because of it. I enjoyed the exercise and time together so much that we trained for more races together, even creating matching bandanas for team spirit.

It was from this special bond and desire for a healthy lifestyle that Pup Sport was born.


I believe that dogs help us to live our best lives. I created Pup Sport as a place to inspire, encourage, and support an active, healthy lifestyle for dog owners and their pups, as well as ways to educate the community about adoption and support local shelters.

Check back to this space often to learn more about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as ideas and advice for getting outside and staying active with your furry friends. Special events in which you can participate with your dog will be listed here, as well as information about nearby pet-friendly outdoor areas. Perfect for fresh air and to get the blood pumping.

Our bodies weren’t designed to lounge around all day on a Sunday watching Netflix, and neither were theirs. Whether you’re already a dog owner or considering adopting, I know that hanging out with four-legged friends can do wonders for your wellbeing. 

Finn has already done so much for mine.

Join me, and let’s get outside and play!

Sheri and Finn